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11-13-2012, 01:43 AM
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Originally Posted by FytinSioux View Post
I've seen em both and I think Grimaldi is more skilled. Grimaldi is stuck with a couple 3rd line freshmen to spread the talent through the lineup so that explains the difference in point totals. Can't wait for wjc time to see em both in action on the same sheet.
It's interesting how two people can see something completely different. I've seen Grimaldi play many times, and would say Johnny is "WAY MORE" skilled. (not this isn't homerism... this is actually objective.)

This isn't saying Grimaldi isn't skilled, he is, but not nearly on the same level as Gaudreau...

Grimaldi is fierce, gritty, aggressive back checker, and surprisingly strong for his size. Grimaldi has fantastic speed and leg strength that he uses to his advantage (miles better than Gaudreau)... Besides size/nationality Johnny and Rocco are completely different players.. It's not even a good comparison (especially if we are claiming Rocco is "more" skilled.)

I'm not attacking you, I recognize that two people can have different opinions. Just a little baffled by your comment

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