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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
The league continues to be far more unreasonable than I expected them to be, which is pretty remarkable considering how low my opinion of Bettman & Co was going into this whole mess. The framework for a deal has been incredibly obvious for several months now, and Bettman and the owners continue to try and hit a homerun unnecessarily. I'm shocked the league is expecting the players to reduce their share and then acquiesce to every demand the league made for contract/free agent structuring. Nuts.
The PA is harping on this as part of its PR war and apparently some are falling for it. It's really a minor issue compared to the money.

Expect the contracting issues to be settled in no time flat once an agreement is made on the economics. The league doesn't need all it is asking for on the contracting issues; realistically all that is required is something to stop the huge front-loaded deals. But with the PA still holding out on the money side, the league has no reason to give in on any of its demands in other areas.

Right now the deal is being held up by one thing: the PA's refusal to accept a deal that is linked to HRR. Linkage forces the owners and players to share the cost of lost revenue due to the lockout and share the risk of how fast HRR will grow. Fehr is playing a game of chicken, and so far it has worked - it has made the league move a long way in its offers while the PA hasn't really given much way at all. Expect Fehr to push the season to the brink before a deal gets made.

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