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11-13-2012, 02:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
The league continues to be far more unreasonable than I expected them to be, which is pretty remarkable considering how low my opinion of Bettman & Co was going into this whole mess. The framework for a deal has been incredibly obvious for several months now, and Bettman and the owners continue to try and hit a homerun unnecessarily. I'm shocked the league is expecting the players to reduce their share and then acquiesce to every demand the league made for contract/free agent structuring. Nuts.

Agreed. But I think it goes deeper than the numbers. The NHL "negotiators" disregard underlying feelings here. The players feel like punching bags here. Like they must give way every time out. To my surprise, Bettman only encouraged this perception by taking a hard line approach from the beginning.

He's basically negotiating against himself. The players are doing this more, in my mind, because of what Bettman represents: He represents oppression. Not a partnership, but pure and blatant oppression. And there's only so much authority you can bring to bear before players/employees resent the act... This is exactly what is happening here.

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