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Originally Posted by Dream Big View Post
Am I understanding this correctly?
Preseason income is not currently included in HRR? Also playoffs are not included in HRR?

Wouldn't it be easier if everything were included in HRR?
Not exactly. Hot dogs were the fun example of why not. Basically things which cost more than 57% of their final price to put in front of the consumer (us). Owners would be foolish to include revenues that were guaranteed to lose them money; complete disincentive to chase those revenues. Part of pre-season is in HRR, but there are a boatload of deductions for preseason where I would desperately care to see the reasoning. Playoffs are included, but players are paid a pittance for the playoffs ($6.5mil divvied up across all playoff players). Essentially 57% (or whatever %) of playoff revenue is divvied up among players on all teams in addition to $6.5mil to players on playoff teams.

I am speaking from the perspective of someone who would want only reg season rev % for all players and all playoff rev % to go to only players in the playoffs. If you asked me for an ideal system, I would go directly to a direct pay for performance system with base salaries for participation and some fixed seniority increments. I literally want the players to directly compete for their pay.

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