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11-13-2012, 02:50 AM
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I get kind of funny feeling about this poll.

I honestly feel that CYM has a point. There is some Canadian bias around here.

But given the fact that these two guys played the most games (this far) i would probably rank them head-2-head against each other. Sakic - Jagr

Now which one do you think was the better player? Jagr or Sakic. Personally i would be more than happy if i would have either one in my team but IF i would be given a choice i would go with Jagr. He has so dominant offensive peak that it can't be ignored. So this one goes to Jagr/Forsberg/OV


I would probably compare Forsberg to Crosby since they are more similar than Ovechkin/Crosby and Forsberg/Stamkos.

So, Forsberg against Crosby. I think Crosby is the better player of the two. He has had some problems with health. So did Forsberg. Their career/peak value is close but a slight edge to Crosby. Also Crosby has time to improve so i would rather have him. The difference is not as big a sit was with Jagr/Sakic but i would take Crosby.



This one is rather easy to me. Ovechkin has had the better peak with a clear margin. Talking about goalscorers, i think Ovechkin is the best since lockout.


I would rather have the Jagr/Forsberg/OV group. Frankly, can't really see how someone would justify otherwise.

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