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Originally Posted by Figz14 View Post
Thanks for freaking me out.
If it makes you feel any better in the worst case scenario of a subduction zone earthquake generated tsunami and a large under water landslide of the Fraser delta the two waves would meet some where right around Victoria...When two waves meet they stack...mind you this is based on un scientifically looking at the modeling available and taking a guess.

Talking about tsunamis we also have the Garibaldi Lake Barrier which can also slide releasing Garibaldi lake in to the Squamish valley, once again in a major earthquake the chance of it finally giving away go up astronomically. If that were to happen Squamish would be pretty much wiped out and there would be also a damaging tsunami that would travel up Howe sound and could be several meters in height.

Anyways none of this matters, you have better odds of getting hit by a car any given day. All that matters is that you get to high ground when the ground shakes intensely for several minutes straight.

Also there is always the risk of a local earthquake beneath the lower mainland, there are some minor fault lines, and as always there are going to be fault lines we dont know about until they give. For example the fault line in Haiti was unknown until it un leased a decently sized shallow earthquake in the middle of a heavily populated area.

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