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Originally Posted by NicoSB View Post
1) As already mentioned, international hockey isn't popular at least in Switzerland but I'm sure this counts for several if not most countries. E.g. have a look at CHL 2009(?). What ZSC achieved was a miracle. They beat not only Swedish and Finnish teams but also defeated Metallurg, I guess. As it wouldn't be already enough they went forward for Victoria Cup (afaik there was NO prize money) defeating Chicago. Yes there was media presence in Switzerland, national TV broadcasting at least semi finals and stuff. But noone remembers it while everyone knows about FC Basel achieving a 3-3 at Manchester etc in 200x.
On the other hand there is Spengler Cup around Xmas recieving much presence in tv and Newspapers.
I don't agree with your points here. The quality of hockey in the Eliteserien, SM-Liiga, NLA, DEL and Czech Extraliga is close, ZSC beating Link÷ping, Slavia and Blues is not a miracle as any of those teams are capable of beating each other. Beating a KHL team is an upset, but it's not a Basel over Man U level of upset either.

Regarding the popularity of international competition, it all comes down to marketing. Clubs that have shown interest in them have made a good job selling them: ZSC had well attendend Continental Cup and Champions' league games, Lugano sold out their games when the organised the EHL final four in 2000 and brought 300 fans to St. Petersburg for the European champions cup in 2007, and Ambrý did well creating interest during their Continental cup runs 10 years ago. On the other hand, Bern had multiple opportunities to play in international competitions but never cared one bit for them and it shows in their attendances, and Fribourg treated the 98-99 EHL as a burden.

Originally Posted by NicoSB View Post
E.g. who of you follows European Trophy (remember we are unrepresentiv!).
The European trophy is an invitational tournament played in the preseason, definitely not a good example of an international competition.

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4.) Most teams struggle with their finances. Fligts in the USA or even eastern Russia are expensive and if there is no revenue out of away games, there is no interest in affording these expenses. On the other hand sponsoring COULD be more interesting since their reach doesn't stop at national borders. Hard to say.
In a successful champions' league, teams would earn enough money to pay for their travel expenses.

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