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11-13-2012, 03:58 AM
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I know a lot of people think Canadians are polite, nice, shy, respectful, whatever, but when it comes to hockey and sports teams, we're some of the most arrogant and ignorant people out there, in my opinion.

This is a perfect example of that. Benn doesn't want to play in Canada. Big deal. People say it was a poor choice of words? How exactly, he was honest and inoffensive. But some Canadian hockey fans will get their panties in a knot because he doesn't want to play in his home country for a Canadian franchise, unpatriotic, blah blah blah.

Sure, as a regular guy, I love living in Canada and this is a great country, but if you can't see why a shy person(who happens to be an athlete) wouldn't want to play out their career here, you're really lacking something upstairs. You're probably like the idiot who wanted to fight me(true story) because I liked a Russian(Ovechkin) more than Crosby and was glad he won ROTY.

This same guy would not believe me that Canada didn't win anything in the 06 Olympics. It's just mind boggling, and this country is filled with fans like this. The World Juniours brings out the worst too... Anyway I'm rambling.

Also, got a good laugh of the guy trying to make fun of the Stars franchise.

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