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11-13-2012, 05:06 AM
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Originally Posted by FolignoQuantumLeap View Post
Just a heads up, Hitman is getting some brutal reviews. Not that that really matters.

MW3 really turned me off of COD, though I did really enjoy Black Ops. This is the first time I haven't bought a COD title since MW2 at midnight and I'm not regretting it. I've been watching the Machinima live stream and the game looks like MORE of the same after a lot of promise for some change. I'm gonna get it on Wii U around Christmas.

Halo 4 on the other hand... Oh my, loving the **** out of it. Its somewhat comical how much better the game looks compared to BLOPS2. They added team SWAT today. Looking forward to some griffball next week.
Yeah, It mostly seems to be the PC version though I think... Both the official PlayStation and Xbox magazines have given it a 9/10 so its all a bit weird haha!

I've been turned off CoD since WAW haha, I still got MW2 but that was it for me, didn't play much of BO2 and i borrowed MW3 of my brother haha... It's slowly becoming an awful franchise imo - like Lara Croft...

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