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11-13-2012, 04:30 AM
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johnson's 7 point plan:

intimidate the oilers' elite talent (repeat that line six more times).

As a human being, Johnson is horribly over-rated on these boards. The guy was a back-stabber coach who let the word out to his american squad in 1991 that he wanted gretzky to, ahem, "go away" - which was suter's cue to run him from behind. Whether you're a gretzky fan or not, what suter pulled was one of the most disgusting, chicken-bleep things you'll see in hockey, and I have it on good authority that it emanated from coach's orders (though suter was, truly, a back-stabber by nature). In pittsburgh, Johnson oversaw another dirty team and he assembled a motley crew of thugs in calgary to neutralize edmonton's elite talent. I know he's american - which evidently qualifies him for sainthood in some quarters around here - but he was a goon coach.

And, oh yeah, please recollect his outburst after the CAN-US game during the preliminary round of the 1987 canada cup - totally classless and just a cover for the fact that his chippy gang of mediocre yanks was actually whistled for the hacking, whacking and miscellaneous cheap-shots. Could never figure out why this guy was held in such high esteem except for his passport.

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