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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
If Sweden gets Forsberg and does not implode against Belarus I would give them a very good chance against Canada. The beatdown in the first game was worse than the score indicates.
you're an excellent poster, Jack, and I think you might be right about this one. While it is very hard to beat an elite team twice in a short tourney, it is not inconceivable that sweden could've beat canada 2x in 2002. Canada was a pretty vulnerable hockey club: a little too old, a little too porous on the back-end, weak head coaching - and there were teams, like sweden and the russians, that would have been bad stylistic matchups. Still, if canada brings their A game, I think they might well edge the swedes out - mostly because swedish teams tend to gag in the big moments (though, as we know, canadian junior teams have done that recently, too).

In any case, mario is likely the diff in 1996 and, in 1998, it's a toss-up; I honestly don't know if he drags canada across the finish line since, frankly, the 1998 russian olympic team was everything canada didn't want: really fast, really explosive, and very good goaltending of their own. Canada would have been better with the big fellow present - but not sure he's the ultimate difference-maker.

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