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Originally Posted by Helpoing View Post
Thanks for the insightful posts, kajoo, those were a good read. Can't say the same about the original article.
you´re welcome, Helpoing

Originally Posted by preissingg View Post
I totally agree.

As a North American, I found the following comments by "kajoo" very illuminating:
thanks mate !

Originally Posted by barneyg View Post
Not here to debate your point at all, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with being 'in debt'. Teams/businesses can be profitable and have outstanding debt at the same time, as your ManU and Barca links show (I can't see the Real Madrid article for some reason).
which isnt in contradiction to what I said earlier, see post #5
Neither sports in Europe makes profit, thats european way of doing sports. And I see nothing wrong with it
Real article about revenues/profit/debts from different sources, some of it should work for you 1, 2, 3

Originally Posted by barneyg View Post
That's not true at all. What NA people believe is that consistently losing a lot of money is a disaster waiting to happen. Consistently breaking even or losing a small amount of money is expected for most markets and most teams. The Globe & Mail is Toronto's main newspaper and it speaks to a Toronto audience. If you know anything about NHL economics, you know that you can't extrapolate anything out of Toronto to the other 29 markets in that league.
Looks like Globe and Mail werent the only ones falling into the trap of quick assumptions and stereotypes It seems that I managed to fall into the same one, because it´s typical euro stereotype to think that north americans in sports are only after money and all that jazz. But unlike Globe and Mail writer, I never pretended to be true expert on NA sports, even If I have visited 2-3 NHL games which I didnt (never been in overseas actually)

Thanks for insight anyway.

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