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Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
I don't think so. The draft system is obviously not as bad as slavery. That said, it would not be allowed in other businesses and industries because it is incompatible with the rights of employees. Imagine BMW, VW, Chrysler, Ford etc sticking together and introducing a "draft" to tell people who are seeking employment they can only work for a certain company if they want to get to get into the car industry. That's basically what the NHL is doing.
I don't know why sports leagues are treated as an exception in North America, but an exception it is. If we're talking about free agency and about freedom of movement for workers, why is it a stretch to talk of freedom?
The NHL draft only governs the NHL, not the entire hockey world. No player is free to choose their NHL team upon entering the league, but they are free to play in other hockey leagues. Lindros still played hockey during his age 18 season.

It's not uncommon for entry-level workers to a company to work in a location not of their choosing. When my grandmother became a nurse in Ontario, she was assigned to a town in Northern Ontario for her first two years. Slavery? No, just the standard path for entry-level nurses in the province of Ontario.

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