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11-13-2012, 06:57 AM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
Not at all. MacArthur is far from overpaid, and while being an impending UFA limits the positive value for MacArthur, it has a similar effect for Lombardi in the context of limiting any potential negative value, especially in a year that's likely to have an artificially high salary cap.

Significant upgrades? No. Additional depth? Yes, and it doesn't seem that anyone is prepared to give Vancouver a significant upgrade for Luongo, at least, not Toronto.

No, I wouldn't. But if the insistence is on a first round pick, that's close to how much the Leafs should be prepared to pay. If it's not good enough, that's fine. We'll keep our first and either let Lombardi play out his contract or move him if the salary cap permits. In terms of goaltending, we'll do something very similar to what Vancouver is prepared to do by trading Luongo, trust a young goaltender with ~70 games experience and possibly pursue a veteran backup.

The Leafs DO NOT need to give up core players for Luongo, specifically because because they DO NOT need to trade for Luongo. Furthermore, they ARE NOT going to give up core players for Luongo, they have the league's most stubborn GM who overvalues his own players, undervalues goaltending and is trying to build a young team. Since coming to Toronto, he's traded for 2 players over 30 -- a conditional 6th round pick for Brad May, and Jason Blake for JS Giguere.

Guys like Lupul, JvR, Gardiner, Bozak, Kulemin -- forget it. Either a deal works that allows the Leafs to acquire Luongo without giving up important players, or it doesn't, and Vancouver finds someone else to trade with.
Not looking to argue...while i guess i can't say the Leafs "need" to trade for Luongo specifically, the Leafs NEED to upgrade in goal. To say we don't need to trade core pieces...ok...but looking past the fact that it's the Canucks and using just Luongo's carreer stats...would you not consider him s core piece?

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