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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
FLA isn't the only option, but a great deal depends on them. Gillis will keep trying FLA first. If they say they are out, then the door opens to multiple teams, not just TO. CLB will be brought to the table, as will EDM and any other team that is losing games based on shaky goaltending.

Then it's up to Lu. If he understands FLA is shut down as an option, then he must be open to all other options or this will carry on for a while. So the market is really hinged on FLA first, then all others if/when they are out.

But at that point it won't matter what TO's need is comparative to other teams. If Lu just wants to start anywhere, I can see teams like CLB and even EDM having much better pieces to offer. IMO, the "market" will be set by these teams and not TO.
But that's just it the "door" isn't open to all other teams, not with his contract clauses. He has said he would be open to other markets yes, but prefers a hockey market. I am in noway bashing Clb. here, but do you see Lou going there? I don't. however unless the list grows to where he is willing to go, the return will reflect that, is all I am saying. I never, said the market would be set by BUrke. I said it will be affectted as to how many teams are on his list.

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