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11-13-2012, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
don't worry, you don't come across as pompous. You come across as ignorant.

lots of video games involve reading. its a bit less work on the imagination due to the graphics, but the reading is still there. This part does seem to be going away as voice acting is becoming more and more prevalent

video game improve the following skills
problem solving
critical thinking
visual awareness
reaction time
social skills

obviously not every game is great for these things. but then again, Twilight and fifty shades of grey exist.

seriously, video games are tremendous tools when used properly.

ps: reading a book is worse for your eyes than playing a computer game
those links are fine and dandy, and sure some games are intellectually stimulating (but to the poster who said age of empires? i love the game but come on), but the average book is significantly more enriching and educational than your average video game.

also that last line about reading being worse for your eyes than computer games is disingenuous. studies show that sitting to close to the TV/ipad/computer is not bad for your eyes contrary to popular opinion, true. but the notion that reading makes vision worse is very questionable. it can definitely temporarily fatigue your eye muscles and cause headaches. there have been a few studies that have shown a very slight association between higher levels of education (a proxy for more reading) and poor vision, but every ophthalmologist agrees that genetics and other environmental factors play a way, way bigger role than reading. the ophtho community overall doesnt endose the idea that reading impairs vision long term.

so basically my point is, the average book is > than average video game in terms of educational value. we can argue extremes in either case but i'm talking about the bulk of games/books.

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