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05-21-2006, 11:46 AM
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Though I have seen little glimpses of Carey Price... I am absolutely certain Gainey/Timmins made the right choice on draft day.

From what I have seen he is a goalie who is absolutely cool. He's got to work on his foot speed, but his pure size will bail him out more often than not.

I dont know if anybody saw the pre-season game he was in for us last fall... But the kid was absolutely stellar for his very first time out facing NHL shots. Another thing is he's friggin HUGE! He plays so big!
There is very little net he leaves open, and IMO he will be our starter more sooner than people anticipate. Not that many goaltenders are drafted in Price's level (top 5)... and almost all of them have been awesome.

Furthermore, people question his ethics after losing a spot on Team Canada on the WJC's. The fact of the matter is, that Sutter KNEW that Carey Price was the best goaltender on that squad. Carey talked himself out of a position on that team (didnt want to practice on gamedays, in comparison to Pogge's bluecollar mentality).
Ultimately superstitions are exactly that, and there will be no doubt he will backstop the 2006-7 WJC Canadian squad. Take nothing away from Pogge's 2005-6 performance, he was stellar in the tourney... But IMO Price could have done the job JUST AS WELL as Pogge did. He truly is a fantastic goaltending prospect... in fact, the best we've had for a very long time... Yes a VERY LONG time.

Dont be too surprised if he is pushing for a job THIS year...
And the barrage of shots he faced in the WHL, is only going to make him that much better. I like the fact that he's on a bottom feeding team, he's facing that many more shots than the other goalies, which makes for that much more development.
Price's heroics got Tri-City in the playoffs... not the rookie that everyone is talking of... AND he's got the heart to be a champion.. the kid used to drive 3-5 hours to the ice rink to play when he was a kid... IMO he will be a worthy Montreal Canadien... and a very underlooked one until he arrives, due to the fact that almost everyone wanted someone else

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