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11-13-2012, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Mungman View Post
Pardon me, but time passing does not equal progress. Where are we compared to when GJ was announced as a potential purchaser?

- lease - then = none, now = off the rails and being renegotiated
- purchase - then = unknown, now = unknown
- investors - then = unknown, probably short huge amounts of cash, now = unknown, possibly short cash, possibly one of CoG's sworn enemies

Not a lot of real progress here, potentially not far away, potentially not even close. now add in the political side of things and it starts to look like a powderkeg ready to go off. I'm personally ready with the armchair and popcorn to watch the show during the handoff of power from one council to the next.
Very good point, I suppose "progress" was a poor choice of words, haha.

I was more making reference to the fact that Jamieson has been in this game long enough now, and been the most public prospective buyer for enough time that things like this should be fairly transparent.

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