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11-13-2012, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Old Navy Goat View Post
I'm such a good good boy
I just need a new toy
I'll tell ya what, girl,
Dance for me - I'll keep you overemployed
Just tell me a story
You know the one I mean

So wandered into the brass pole palace today with my General Contractor and had the pleasure of meeting a fresh young thing on her first day in the Single Mommy Health Club getting assistance one dollar at a time. This young lady, barely 20yo, was accompanied by one of my regulars who was showing her the ropes. They joined us in the sky box for a quick chat, and I managed to irritate the two of them with the quirky mood I was in. After some casual conversation, I looked at her and it devolved along these lines:

M - Would you spend the night with me for $1,000,000
H - Of course
M - Well how about for a buck
H - No, what kind of girl do you think I am?
M - Well, we've already established what type of girl you are, now we're just negotiating acceptable terms

She kind of looked at me dumbfounded, so had to tell her I was joking. Think my deadpan delivery confused her, or it could of been I didn't stick to monosyllabic words. One of my old Nightingales told me months after we had been socially active that she never understood what I was talking about; she had a very poor education, basically had grown up running the streets and spending some time with unsavory elements.

Anyways, after apologizing profusely for any possible offense, spent some cash on her and ended up with her number as my regular told her I was such a nice guy.

As for my General Contractor, he finished the 1st house and has the majority of the 2nd one completed, just waiting on the counters to be delivered on Wednesday. Excellent job on both so far with the two houses both coming in well under budget.
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