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Originally Posted by TooLow494 View Post
I'm really debating on this one...

400$ seems to much, but you have to factor the value if he becomes big in Ottawa. It is his first game jersey ever worn. As a collector might be a lot of value in that

Am I right BonkTastic?
Haha, I find it amusing that I'm the go-to "jersey guy" for some of y'all. I'll take the compliments where I can get em', I guess.

If he has a decent career, yeah. If he tops out as a 3rd liner and doesn't make much noise, $400 is probably about right. If he has something that keeps him out of the NHL, then it's a bit of an overpayment. You can get game-worn jerseys of "cup of coffee" players for like $200-ish, if you search hard enough and get a good price.

I mean, you can go to Meigray right now and get an Ottawa Senators Brad Isbister game worn jersey for $225. And Isbister was a FIRST ROUND PICK!!!11!

I'm just offering the Isbister jersey as an example of what you can buy in the $200 price range. Right now on Meigray, these are the RBK Sens jerseys you can buy for $225: Matt Kinch, Jim McKenzie, Derek Smith, Shawn Weller, Alex Picard, Ilya Zubov, Eric Gryba, and Geoff Kinrade.

Want to "splurge" and spend $250? That can buy youone of the following Sens jerseys: Niko Dimitrakos, Brian McGrattan, Luke Richardson, Dean McAmmond, Jonathan Cheechoo, Cody Bass, Mike Hoffman, Ryan Keller, and future Norris trophy winner (according to a few on these boards) Brian Lee.

As an aside, game worn jerseys are really easy to strip, too. I've known some people who have bought game-worns of total random players off ebay and such, pull the numbers off, and have what is in effect an authentic game-issued blank jersey for like $100.

Like JS said: if you're a fan of a specific player who isn't a star player and want to get a pro jersey, there's no reason not to get a game worn jersey. $290 for the pro jersey, $100 for stitching... for that price, you can get a game worn Chris Phillips jersey (no joke).

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