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11-13-2012, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by tempest2i View Post
I'm not buying the line of thinking that goes "this is a great contract and anyone would be happy to have it". If that was the case, the Canucks would have signed Schneider to a similar deal. If you are correct, the Canucks would be better served to trade Schneider away simply because he's not on one of these contracts and just keep Luongo for the long term.

Could it be that Lu is being traded because of the age difference between the two? Or that Lu didn't want to block Schneider's progression? Or that Lu didn't want to share the crease as a starter? Regardless of the contract? Nah. Impossible. Far more believable to put the blame on Gillis and Gilman, who in their own right are great negotiators, and just surmise that they went against type and flubbed this deal... Yeah, no.

On signing Schneider to the same deal: Put it this way, if there was an opportunity to sign Schneider to such a deal _after_ he had proven he could carry the starter's load during his current contract (3 yrs), Gillis would be remiss _not_ to do it. Why not try to abuse the cap if you can?

I really think you do not understand BDCs and their benefit.

But everyone knows that's not going to happen. The Canucks want to move that deal off their books. That contract isn't nearly as good as you say it is. If the Canucks manage to move Luongo for anything of real value they're going to come out of this whole deal like bandits. They will have skirted the salary cap, managed to pay Luongo huge money while keeping his cap artificially low. Those days of the contract are over. At this point the cap savings are minimal and the contract continues until well past its best before date.

It's not going to happen because they will close the loophole within this CBA.

Why would any rich team "want" to move that type of a contract off their team? These contracts directly benefit such teams. Further, they won't be allowed anymore. They are too good to continue, so people should want to get rid of the ones they do have anyways? Illogical. Gillis and Gilman knew exactly what they were doing. They have a history now of getting their players on excellent deals, and this is just another example. So good in fact, that people still don't understand how good.

Perhaps after the loophole is closed, only then will people realize just how much these deals helped cheat the cap.

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