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11-13-2012, 09:10 AM
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Have really gotten back into the Knicks last few years. I was a die-hard in the 1990s but was driven away by the crappy product and the way Isiah ran the Knicks. NBA has gotten better. Star driven league and stars are as good as ever. Big markets are good.

1997 was the ONLY time that the Heat beat the Knicks in the playoffs. That was all Stern. Knicks split with the Bulls that year as well I believe.

The schedule sure has been favorable to the Knicks thus far, but this veteran team is, as Grunwald envisioned, built for the playoffs. Jason Kidd, one of my favorite players of all-time, has an extremely high basketball IQ and similar veterans who know they have a role to play compliment the team. Amar'e, as others have said, should come off bench when he's healthy. He and Smith would make the Knicks bench the best in the league. Brewer isn't going to shoot like this all year, but let Melo play the 4. They will still have to co-exist in crunch time somehow, but limit their time out their together in quarters 1-3. Let each player get his time to take over and continue to play with the same ball movement.

On D'Antoni, he is a good guy but not a great coach. He is great offensive mind but he honestly had the easiest coaching gig in NYC up until the Melo trade. The first two years were spent waiting for LeBron and no one cared about the playoffs and wins/losses. Sure, those teams weren't great, but he never got the most out of them. He showed zero flexibility in his offense and coaching when Melo did come aboard. Melo has been a difficult player for most of his career, but D'Antoni did nothing to try and build around his best player's strengths. Melo has to continue to prove himself under Woodson and has played a much more complete game dating back to the end of last year. I don't think D'Antoni will get it done under the bright lights and high pressure of LA.

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