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11-13-2012, 09:11 AM
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The thing about sticks though is that while you might identify yourself as a stickhandler/wrist shot type of guy, the other little things about sticks are too personal. Nobody on here can help you find the 'perfect' stick, or the stick 'for you'. We can try by pointing you in a particular direction though.

I suppose first off since you can grab some of these top-end sticks on discount, might as well take advantage and ignore the pricepoint M3, X 4.0 and Nexus 600. Assuming you're a decent player, you'll be able to notice and benefit from a top-end stick's performance enough to justify any price jump in this case.

If you prefer wristers, I would start by looking into any low-kick sticks, which means that the lower 1/3 or the hosel/blade area loads and releases faster than a mid kick for example. The N12 would fit comfortable in that category imo. The Dynasty, Mako, MV-5 and MacDaddy do not have pronounced low-kicks, they're more traditional if you will.

Don't know too much about the MacDaddy or MV-5, but my impressions have been positive and negative respectively; doesn't mean much though.

The Dynasty is a decent and sturdy stick. Comes in a stock 63" so any flex you order will feel slightly whippier due to the initial length. Reviews have been positive so far, but won't perform to the same degree as any of the other big-name top-end sticks.

You can find a ton of info and feedback on the N12.

I think the 2-piece is your most versatile. You can try different curves and different blade feels by buying different blades. If you don't like the Mako blade, try a Dynasty for example if you want a softer feel or an 11K for a stiffer blade etc.

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