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11-13-2012, 09:29 AM
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It depends on what kind of flex/kick point you like and puck feel. I'm a wrist shot sniper winger and I like a stick with a lot of flex especially up top. Others like very little flex (low kick).

Right off the bat I'd say eliminate the Mako M3, Nexus 600, and Vapor 4.0. Those are mid-level sticks, not bad, but not in the same class. No experience with the Miken.

My two cents on the rest of them:

Mako 2-piece: Pretty standard tapered two piece, not bad at all, that's a pretty good price too. Can't go wrong but won't be the best balanced or necessarily highest performance.

Dynasty: Used this for a year, it's a good stick, nothing extremely remarkable about it. It's a hair blade heavy but not bad. Puck feel is great. Standard mid-low kick.

Nexon N12: Haven't used on ice but it's fairly well balanced and most people love them. Too stiff feeling for my tastes as I believe it's fairly low kick and stiffer through the rest of the shaft.

Mac Daddy: I believe this was the old True-1 Warrior, so similar to the Dolomite but with better balance. These blades are pretty pingy though. For the money it's solid but as a primary stick I'd rather use the Dynasty, Mako, or Nexon.

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