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11-13-2012, 09:30 AM
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I was picturing Infante hitting second but Hunter would be another possibility. Both hit well against lefties but Hunter had a +.300 average against righties. I think in most cases, it would make sense to have him second and maybe against lefties, you move up Infante and put Hunter behind V-Mart.

I think Leyland will go lineups based on the starter...Jackson leads off, Cabrera/Fielder/Martinez is the 3-4-5 regardless...but the #2 spot will and the bottom 4 spots will vary based on matchups.

vs. LHP
1. Jackson CF
2. Infante 2B
3. Cabrera 3B
4. Fielder 1B
5. Martinez DH
6. Hunter RF
7. Peralta SS
8. Dirks LF (Garcia?)
9. (RH Catcher)

vs. RHP
1. Jackson CF
2. Hunter RF
3. Cabrera 3B
4. Fielder 1B
5. Martinez DH
6. Peralta SS
7. Dirks LF
8. Avila C
9. Infante 2B

I'd hit Infante 9th using the wraparound theory...get him on in front of Jackson when lineup resets.

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