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11-13-2012, 09:35 AM
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Kerby Rychel did an admirable job attempted to play a role he's not used to. His attempt at being a fourth line energy forward was really over shadowed by Tom Wilson playing the same role to perfection. Rychel enjoyed very little ice time, but showed he's willing to throw his weight around a mix it up. He's also a much, much, much better skater than advertised. The whole Rychel can't skate thing is completely over blown. Don't listen to that noise as the draft approaches.

Max Domi could not find a rhythm and looked very small. Still a nasty little *******, he looked to mix it up and get involved but he was out of step the whole game. Demonstrated some lightning quick acceleration and some nifty moves, but his biggest highlight reel moment was getting crushed on a huge open ice hit from Nail Yakupov.

Not a great showing for either player, but not a poor showing either. Rychel was kind of screwed in terms of being stuck on the fourth line, and Domi just didn't have a great game (I've seen him have plenty in the past). Both did some floating around as the third men high while linemates took care of the forechecking. Both are more then willing to crash the net and throw big hits, but neither seem particularly interested in actual plumber work. Similarly in the defensive zone, both are pretty underwhelming. Rychel will go down low on D if it means he gets to throw a big hit. Domi will venture below the hash marks if he can pick a pocket and start a rush, but both primarily sit at the blueline, watch others back check and wait for the puck. This is absolutely not uncommon behavior for talented seventeen year olds. The vast majority of forwards available in the first round of this draft play D like that. It just makes guys like Lazar, Monahan, and Barkov really stand out because they don't.

Rychel reminds me a little bit of Peter Mueller, if Peter Mueller actually had a pair of balls, and played with grit and swagger rather than skulking about like a scared little *****.

Domi reminds me a little of a poor man's Mark Recchi and a little of pre injury Nagy. Maybe a bit of effective, good years Mike Comrie.

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