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11-13-2012, 09:41 AM
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Warrior Covert DT-2, 55 flex Kopitar grip

Just got this as the warranty replacement for the Diablo that busted at the heel. It seems slightly lighter and better balanced than the Diablo. Blade looks funky with the different weave in the middle and they've gone back to a gloss coat. The intermediate was about 63" long (!!!) so I chopped off a TON of stick. Left it about 1/2" longer than normal, which is just below my bottom lip in bare feet. Grip finish is slightly ribbed and feels fine, maybe not as tacky as my old Dynasty.

Went 55 flex as the 70 flex low kick sticks have been feeling stiff for me and I don't like to drop my low hand and really lean into shots but let the stick and puck do the work for me. It's whippy, no doubt about it. But when I cut what seemed like 8-10" of stick off it feels good, maybe a hair whippy, but good.

Stickhandling with a Smart Hockey ball, the puck feel is excellent and the balance is excellent as well. Should be great for stickhandling. We'll see about the shooting when I get on the ice next week.

Bauer Nexus 600, 60 flex P92 grip

Used this as my main stick last week. It's a fine stick for the price, but I can definitely tell both the weight and the blade are holding it back from being a real winner (which is expected).

I kept feeling like the blade was broken because the puck was so jumpy and it vibrates too much on the blade. I lost some pucks and passes at the blue line that are normally fine for me, which sucked as it gave away a couple breaks and cost a goal. Yes there's user error but I swear the puck just hops right over and bounces by the blade.

The other kicker is the weight, which is just a bit too much. I actually really like having some heft on the stick for playing defense. I don't feel like it's going to break and can lift/slash with reckless abandon. But there's lag on the shot because the weight throws me off and a little lighter feel would make it a real winner.

It still kicks great and shoots great when you get hold of the puck. The rest of the stick is fantastic.

Bottom line for me so far, if Bauer introduced a Nexus 800 in the $150 price range, I would be all over it. The Nexus 1000 is so light I'd be worried about it breaking (which is more mental than anything else) and of course is $200+. Make an 800 at around 480 grams and use the Vapor 7.0 blade...winner.

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