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Originally Posted by giantsfan View Post
Still rather than blaming the six mentioned ( in your opinion ) for the dismall performances of this team, throw the blame on the guys logging all the ice. It is hard to perform at a level that you are expecting them to without the proper icetime, linemates and situations where you can excel - ie. powerplay. WATCH THE GAMES AND FIGURE OUT WHO GETS THE CREDIT WHEN THEY WIN AND WHO GETS THE BLAME WHEN THEY LOSE. IT SHOULD BE THE SAME PLAYERS!
Were things different when you played?
I am not really sure what you're trying to say. If you're trying to say the team lacks depth then yes. In regards to ice time I still believe the coaches will reward players with ice time given how they are performing and whether they can fill a role. The issue right now is that it's the same guys on the PP and PK and the players are fatigued and have issues generating 5 on 5 opportunities. I know OHLTG won't like this comment but Bilcke and Clark serve very little purpose as of now. With the team struggling to score goals and struggling on the pk you can't really put the above mentioned 2 out there because they're either tied or trailing in most of these games and both have had a penchant for taking ill timed penalties. If you want to look at every forward and tell me what special teams situation they can play in and if they are dependable

Vail-PP, PK
Marchese- PP
Ho-Sang- PP
Maletta-Maybe a bit of both but he hasn't proven he can be consistent
Rychel-PP, he does do PK but that's not a strong part to his game
Clarke-PK, can play PP but inconsistency prevents him from being a regular
Studnicka-PK but isn't out there a lot

People can disagree if they want but they dress 3 forwards that can't play in any of the special teams situation. Another forward who gets very little ice, 2 forwards that have really lacked consistency (Maletta, Johnson). Two or three forwards that can only be used in PP situatons and three forwards that are capable of playing PK.

If you look back to when the team was really successful all the forwards were capable of playing in every situation for the most part the exception being Mitchell, Loktionov. Of course you had guys like Wellwood, Watson who were terrific at killing penalties and that was their only special teams role and you could rest the others.

Right now this team does not have the flexibility to roll 8-9 different forwards for various roles. In reality they only have 4 or 5 forwards and it really hampers the team.

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