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What do you think the Owners would do if there was no union? The HRR pie would be split 95% owners and 5% player salaries, no questions asked.

If it helps, think of Donald Fehr as Robin Hood for the Players Association, robbing from the billionaire Owners and giving to the poorer Players, while standing in the way of taxation without representation for the players.

Since everyone loves an underdog, particularly one that stands in the way tyranny, by refusing to allow ownership from enforcing their version of Martial Law from being imposed for profitability and personal gain reasons.
No! It would certainly not be 95% - 5%!! Players would still be able to strike, play overseas or even rival leagues start up. There would still be many avenues for players to be safeguarded. The internal competition between teams would always ensure players got compensated very well. The CBA is just as much there to protect owners from each other than it is to protect players from owners.

Donald Fehr is no Robin Hood! You make it seem as though every owner is making millions off their team. True, every owner is very wealthy from their given outside business ventures. But because their wealthy from their other interests does that mean they shouldn't make money from their hockey team also. That because they have been successful outside of the NHL, the players should get all the NHL money while some owners make nothing or even pay their own money. Some people seem to be confused that the NHL is a not-for-profit charity who's sole responisbility is to provide a hockey team for players to make money off and fans to watch. The NHL is a business and there is nothing wrong with the NHL trying to make it a profitable business for the stake-holders outside of the NHLPA.

Tyranny and Martial law????? I see the NHL funding the Phoenix Coyotes so that those players even have a team to play on. I see revenue sharing from the richer teams so that the troubled teams can even ice a hockey team. Their is no tyranny or Martial law!! Since when is 50/50 split of revenues considered tyranny??? The NHL is doing everything to maintain the league and ensure these players can even play, yet they are considered villains because they want a 50/50 split like every other sport and want to keep some profits for themselves. The players are no victims unless they keep letting their so-called principals get in the way and then they will only be victims of theirselves when teams start folding.

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