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11-13-2012, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by RaMMuT View Post
I actually read an article last night where Anderson Silva is saying how he won't be challenging GSP if he wins. He wants to fight again in end of 2013 because he wants to open his own gym and he has a movie role to do.

So Anderson Silva super fight is out of the question for now, it's just Dana White hyping it like he always does.

As for GSP not finishing his opponents, what's interesting in this fight is that either fighter will be cornered by Greg Jackson. And GSP has been saying that he wants to prove everyone wrong and he wants to go for the finish (but then again he always said that). I just believe that he's on a mission this time and if you watch Primetime episodes 1 and 2 you will know what I'm talking about.

Condit is very dangerous standing up, but if GSP can take him down (and he will take him down) he's gonna put a beating on him.
Dana White after Silva's last fight that he knows Silva doesn't want to do the super fights, either versus Jones or GSP. What he added after that though is that these athletes may reconsider their positions once they learned how much cash they could be making off of it.

As for this fight, GSP said he wants to prove every one wrong, but he also said he won't just go for broke because of that. He will stick to his gameplan.

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