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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
Deep sea fish with a partially transparent body:

The Barreleye! That fish (well, it's a member of the barreleye family, only a couple of species are described and we don't know much about their taxonomy) can rotate its eyes 90 degrees and look vertically through the top of its head. Theory is that it allows them to see their prey's silhouette against the tiny bit of light still streaming down from the surface. Its eyes are recessed into its head (hence the clear "bell"), which protects them from their prey (jellyfish); they are actually tubular (instead of your typical spherical), capped by those green "balls" in it's head (it's looking up in the photo). This helps to maximize the amount of light captured. It's a deep seas species, so for a time we could only collect specimens by dropping nets and hoping to get lucky, but the force of the net coming up would shear the clear section off. We had no idea how crazy that fish was until the advent of deep sea submersibles.

I was watching QI the other day, when I learned there was a moonwalking bird. It also makes sounds during it's mating dance by flapping its wings at ~80 bpm, faster than a hummingbird.

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