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11-13-2012, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by ottawa View Post
On another I the only one not convinced in Beaulieu? He's looked good for maybe half his games but the other half he makes me wonder if he'll reach his potential
I'm fully convinced he will be an NHLer at some point as he has an impressive mix of offensive skill + physical abilities. The concerns I have are his defensive game and mental lapses when he has the puck in his own end he makes questionable decisions at times. We'll see how he adjusts over the next couple of years, if he doesn't improve his defensive zone play then he could end up being more of a PP specialist.

Originally Posted by AJMHABS View Post
Good list. One thing I would have done differently is put Leblanc 2nd because he is more experienced and also a safe bet for the NHL.
Thanks. Having more experience doesn't make someone higher when I do these lists, since it's about where each player is in their development and where they will be. Since most are at different development stages, I look at where they are in those stages and compare. I agree on Leblanc being a safe bet for the NHL but with the others like Beaulieu/Tinordi/Gallagher/Kristo/Bennett, frankly imo you can put any of them near the top as they are very interesting prospects who are all right there with one another in terms of rankings.

Originally Posted by Habbadasher View Post
About Vail, I have a friend who is a season ticket holder for the Windsor Spitfires, and he tells me that Brady plays the shutdown role, while leading the team in points. I am not questioning where he is on the list, but I am saying we might have a valuable third line Centre who can contribute, and has decent size.
Good to know, I will hopefully get to see him more often. Clearly he's having a great start to the season which is good to see.

Originally Posted by That View Post
Great list. I really like to see MacMillan so high, he's a really fun player to watch. 100% every shift and skill to match it.
Thanks. I actually wanted to put MacMillan higher but it was hard to find someone to move down instead. As long as he fills out more and improves his lower body strength, he could end up being a very solid prospect for us in time. Agreed that he's a fun player to watch as I get most North Dakota games on tv so I have seen him a ton already.

Originally Posted by makbowles View Post
Pretty disappointed by the projections some have concerning Tinordi. Since he's been drafted I've been operating under the assumption that he was going to be a pretty safe bet for top pairing and no doubt about being a top 4.

If Komisarek can be on a top pairing is it that far fetched that Tinordi can?

I'd like to think PK can elevate his partner's play the way Markov did.
Tinordi does remind me a bit of Komisarek/O'Byrne, but I look at it more in terms of what they bring and what kind of ice time they will see. I think Tinordi is a safe bet to be at the very least a good bottom pairing type, if he can be more then great.

Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Collberg as #2 has been appearing on a lot of lists, so I'm not too surprised to see him there. I don't strongly disagree, I just wish we could see more from him before throwing him up there on the list. Nice top 25 though. I agree with everything for the most part.
Thanks. I haven't seen enough of him yet but what i've seen i've been very impressed with his skill level and speed. I think he could end up being an excellent top line sniper for us, so hopefully i'm not overrating him but we'll see how it goes for him over the next couple of years.

Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
It would be very silly to assume a d-man who is drafted in the bottom 3rd of the 1st round is going to be a #1 or #2. He was drafted to be a big, strong presence on the blueline who could also potentially be a top penalty killer.

It is funny how everyone seems to have this need to label players in relation to their potential depth chart position. Tinordi/Leblanc etc. were drafted because they have what it takes to be integral parts of a championship calibre team. These types of players are the foundation and backbone of winning teams and are absolutely vital to winning championships. I was happy with Tinordi being picked because he has the potential to become an asset that is nearly impossible to trade for.......not because I felt that he needed to be a top pairing d-man just because he was drafted in the first round.
Good way to put it.

Originally Posted by HawkeyeCB View Post
Bournival is in my top-5 and Brady Vail is far too low (he's awesome). I also have Quailer higher, as I'm still 100% sure he's ahead of the game since he missed an entire year.

I only did a top-20, but Cichy was close for me. I liked him a few years ago and despite missing a year to transfer rules, he's off to a hot start this year,
I don't think Bournival has the offensive upside personally, to be ranked in the top 5 but I do like his defensive game and work ethic. Vail likely should be higher but as I said I already felt I was going overboard with the 2012 picks as I was more impressed with others like Hudon/Collberg/Bozon. Quailer it will be interesting to see what he can do in the AHL, I felt he should have gone back to the NCAA as he's missed so much time to injuries.

I saw a lot of Cichy at North Dakota, will see him at some point this year i suspect, he's got some offensive skills as he can dish the puck but overall I consider him to be near the bottom of our prospect pool.

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