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11-13-2012, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by FanSince2012 View Post
The PA pulled a fast one with the NHL in 04-05 with some craftiness.

Saskin makes Fehr look like a buffoon.

Fehr makes Fehr look like a buffoon.
Saskin did great for the NHLPA in the last CBA. He took advantage of owners being blinded by getting the salary cap. He got the UFA age reduced by 4 years and in some cases 6 years, got a favorable percentage of revenues, kept salary arbitration etc.

I do agree that the NHL wants to take a lot of that back and THAT is not fair. I agree with the owners that a 50-50 split is necessary but I would not mind keeping the other things as they are and just put a 5% variance in the contracts to avoid LONG term deals and front loading.

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