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Originally Posted by wondeROY View Post
Thank you. Interesting, so basically (now) all players would get the same amount of HRR? So whether you're a 4th line scrub or Crosby, you would get the same amount? And when you say salaries, I'm assuming this has nothing to do with their contracts? This is basically additional income on top of their guaranteed income, yea?
No. You're not quite understanding. If a player signs a contract for a million a year. Under the last CBA that could be adjusted slightly up or slightly down. He might make 1.1 million or he might make 850 thousand. That was because of the 57%. Essentially all the players contracts were added up at the end of the year. If all of them put together was more than 57% of HRR then each player had to give back a portion of their salary (through escrow). If all the contracts added up were less than 57% of HRR then each player would get an amount over what their contract stated so that all the money paid out to players would be 57% of HRR. The players salaries on aggregate were a set percentage of HRR.

The NHLPA is proposing that rather than make all the salaries adjustable to match a set percentage yhey would just be a set $ amount on aggregate. So under the old system if revenues decreased, the amount players were paid would also decrease. Under the PA's proposal if revenues decreased, the amount players got in salary would stay the same.

Again this is talking about salaries as the sum of all salaries payed to players for the year, not an individual. An individuals salary would stil lbe negotiated as it always was.

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