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Originally Posted by Looch View Post
So tuff on 34. Both are great. I love Papi. Really happy he should now retire with the sox. If I had to choose, I'd have to give the edge to Pierce though. He's carried the C's for so long. He's also been the Captain for quite a while. People here who don't like hoop are obviously going to favor Ortiz though. Just the same, people who don't like baseball are gonna favor Pierce.

Definitely debatable. I never saw Cheevers play. He did it for longer. But Thomas was more dominant while he was here...

Agreed about Manny being the greatest hitter I've ever seen live. That said, I absolutely HATED him while he was here.

He was obviously a integral part of the '04 and '07 WS titles. I hated watching him dog it night in and night out. I hated the fact that he was nonchalant about everything. I just plain hated him. I especially hated the fact they gave him Dewey's #...he was one of the classiest Red Sox to ever play the game.

Because of the way manny left, I'd have to give #24 to O'Reilly. if Manny was never traded, he'd be a lock. But just like Nomar and Lyn, you can't undue the past. They both left on rough terms. Manny left of even rougher trims imo.

Agreed on Dewey. I'm still pissed they gave RoidRam his #.

As for 37, Bergy is a great choice. But I's have to say Harrison edges him out. Harrison was one of the greatest to ever play his position...and lock HOF'er.

This could be argued about all day. C's fans will take Pierce, Sox fans Ortiz. This might be the closest call #'s 1-40. If you have to give a tie to one spot, #34 would be it imo.

My #39 goes to Mike Greenwell. he was my favorite player for quite a while when I was younger. I'm sure Sam Cunningham was probably more popular or did more for the team. But I honestly know very little about the pats history before I was born ('78). So I'm going with the Gator.

Gonzo would have been a shoe in for 28 if he didn't get traded. As Curtis Martin was great while he was here. But he was only here a 3 years. I believe he was with the Jets more than twice as long. I think of Martin as a Jet much more than I do as a Patriot. When it's all said and done i give my 28 to Mr Recchi Although I admit to being biased after running into him a couple different times in the terminal at the Pittsburgh airport. He's a class act. And undoubtedly was a leader bringing the Cup back in '11.

#31 is Lester for me. Maxwell is a solid choice. But Lester was a huge part of the '07 WS. And he's still going strong...or at least we're hoping he's still going strong

#35 definitely goes to Reggie in my book. I loved the guy. He was my favorite player.

I'm sure it's not a popular choice, but i'd give #36 to Shaq...even though he only played for a year. Malloy was far better than Shaq from a talent stand point while he wore the number. But Shaq will probably be remember more for the number. Although Malloy was here several more years, I'd be willing to bet there were more Shaq jerseys sold than Malloy's.

My 21-40:

21-Roger Clemens
22-Ed Macauley
23-Frank Ramsey
24-Terry O'Reilly
25-KC Jones
26-Wade Boggs
27-Carlton Fisk
28-Mark Recchi
29-Keith Foulke
30-Tim Thomas
31-Jon Lester
32-Kevin McHale
33-Larry Bird
34-Paul Pierce/David Ortiz
35-Reggie Lewis
36-Shaquile O'Neal
37-Rodney Harrison
38-Curt Schilling
39-Mike Greenwell
40-Mike Haynes
I love your explanation btw!

Absolutely NO on Reggie Lewis. He wasn't here very long and he had one good season before he died. He shouldn't be up in the rafters but that's another discussion for the Celtics thread.

Shaq shouldn't be on the list either.

I love Rodney but 37 is Patrice.

The way I look at these lists may be different from yours and others. I look at guys who have been here a minimum of 4 years and give preference to those who have been with the team from day 1.

It is really nice to talk all sports for a change. I grew up a huge Celtics fan thanks to my dad and aunt having season tix until 96. Baseball is in my blood and up until the last 2 years, going to Fenway was magical.

I keep Max over Lester at 31.

Surprised Sam Jones didn't get a mention.

The Butler did it. In the end zone. With a pick!

I am Boston Strong

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