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11-13-2012, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by kingpest19 View Post
Perhaps because public favor was already their way because of the PAs refusal to meet at anytime over the course of the last year? Or maybe because the PA dragged its feet once it began receiving proposals?
It's not like the league has the fans unilaterally on their side here. I'd say that when the lockout first started, there was far more player support than currently and I think the support lost by the players aren't necessarily people who are pro-owner, just people who see through the PA games and sick of the players telling their tall tales to win PR votes. If failure to negotiate over the course of the last year was really a point against the PA, I don't think they would have been heavily favoured when this all started.

You make a point about the PA dragging their feet once league proposals were coming in but like I said, there were very easy PR moves to be made by the league that they chose not to make. It wouldn't have costed them anything to buy some of that PR goodness to elevate their favour with the fans moreso than they already had. Anyways, my point was that the league picks and chooses its PR moments so it's hard to say that 'if they did this for PR, they would do this for PR'. The league has shown that they pick and choose which PR battles to engage in.

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