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Originally Posted by Stu Macher View Post
When I saw Andrei Rublev, I commented that in it's complexity and depth, it made Solaris, an admittedly brilliant film, look like a popcorn movie.

Now that I've seen The Mirror, I think it makes Andrei Rublev look like a popcorn movie. For now, it's my least favorite of his films, but it's still fascinating to see such an intimately personal film from a master filmmaker. Unfortunately, it's so intimate and personal that I think only Tarkovsky himself could wrap his mind around it. It's beautiful, as all his films are, but it almost seems to impenetrable to even be able to analyze.
So what's left for you out of the Tarkovsky filmography?

Mirror must certainly be one of the most impenetrable, personal films ever created. For that reason I feel like it gets a bit of "above criticism" status, like people are almost afraid to knock it. Actually in fairness it's hard to say anything about it good or bad. It's just...there.

One thing is sure, it's going to be a looong time before we ever see another one like Tarkovsky. If you're enjoying his films, philosophy, etc, I strongly suggest picking up his book Sculpting in Time. It's dry, but interesting to see how he works, how he thinks, his strong opinions (manifestos, almost) on film.

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