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Questions --2 scenarios (MOD: season schedule options 12/1 & 1/1 starts)

A. They get a deal done in time for:

DEC start: 5 months play till end of april ...14 games per month =70 game season?
JAN start: 4 months play till end of April ..14 games per month= 56 game season ?


B: NO deal--season canclled!

Questions on the A scenarios:

1) Do they pick up the schedule as first designed from the start point on then add the extra games in April --and so CAN THIS LEAD TO A STILL EQUAL SCHEDULE FOR EACH TEAM IN THE DIVISION ?--that is playing the same opponents ? IF not,you get an unfair situation --while they MUST be able to give each team an equal NUMBER of HOME and AWAY games --the logistics of playing the SAME teams for each team in a division are probably impossible if youuse a "picked up then add schedule...SO for instance Chicago might play team A and B from another division while STL plays only teams C and D from that other division --it may have to be this kind of unequal scheduling .this favours some teams with weaker opponents and hurts other teams in the same division with better opponents to play..


2) DO they alrady have NEW but equalized 70 or 56 game scheduled drawn up such that all teams in a division will all play the say opponents? IF this is the desired outcome-then IF they do not have this already drawn up -then it may be impossible this late for the DEC start (70 games)--perhaps the smaller 56 game sked starting in January could stillbe drawn up in time to provide equalization?

B. NO deal in time for even a JAN that case IF the season cancelled --here are my questions:

1) Does that mean 1 year lobbed off pre-existing contracts OR is the contract just picked up from the next season and extended 1 more year?

2) How will this effect UFA status? IF they keep UFA at age 27 -does missing a season get a guy to UFA t that age or because of the missed season will that guy
have to wait till age 28?

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