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11-13-2012, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Dalton View Post
Have you even read it? You don't seem to understand it at all. Its as obvous as a sunset that AS is wrong. Averaging seasons is just avergaing players collectively. The study addresses that when it points out that its resutls (hockey players included) hold true whether talking about a team, a season or across seasons. I think you should actually read it before commenting further.
Take your own advice. The study to which you continue to refer makes two essential points:

1. That outliers should not be automatically be dimissed when analyzing human performance.

2. That human performance generally does not follow a bell curve, but instead a power law curve.

Neither of these points are relevant to adjusted scoring, because adjusted scoring neither ignores outliers nor assumes a bell curve. But of course, I've said this over and over and over again. Perhaps this time you'll take note of it?

If you want to show that this study is relevant to the discussion, you have to demonstrate that adjusted scoring ignores outliers (it doesn't, players are adjusted based on their actual stats regardless of whether they might appear to be outliers or not) and that it assumes a bell curve (it doesn't, since the same essentially flat multiplier is applied to all players in a season). Until you demonstrate these two things (which you cannot, since they are not true), this study is utterly irrelevant to this discussion, and you should stop trying to use it to support your position.

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