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11-13-2012, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Alycat View Post
I love your explanation btw!

Absolutely NO on Reggie Lewis. He wasn't here very long and he had one good season before he died. He shouldn't be up in the rafters but that's another discussion for the Celtics thread.

Shaq shouldn't be on the list either.

I love Rodney but 37 is Patrice.

The way I look at these lists may be different from yours and others. I look at guys who have been here a minimum of 4 years and give preference to those who have been with the team from day 1.

It is really nice to talk all sports for a change. I grew up a huge Celtics fan thanks to my dad and aunt having season tix until 96. Baseball is in my blood and up until the last 2 years, going to Fenway was magical.

I keep Max over Lester at 31.

Surprised Sam Jones didn't get a mention.

Same here as far as the bolded goes. I admit that my list is different from most. I based mine more on who I think of first when I think of Boston sports and the #. Which is the only reason I gave Shaq #36. Cause obviously, he didn't do more during his one season here than lawyer Malloy did in his 6-7 season here. Damn, I just realized Shaq ended up playing for 6 teams.

As far as Recchi and Greenwell go, they are admittedly my personal/biased choices. They are just who I think of first when I think of the number.

I think Lester has been considered our ace for 2-3 years now. Although last year he did't really show his ace stuff, he was still our #1. When you consider his WS clincher in '07 and battling back from cancer, he beats out Max imo. Maybe bringing up the cancer thing is not necessary. But it's part of his image and character imo.

I could talk about this stuff all day. Much more enjoyable that reading over a lockout thread

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