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11-13-2012, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by doorman View Post
"I think playing in a hockey market is great," said Luongo. "Playing in one is a preference for sure. Playing in a place like Florida with anonymity - to go out somewhere and have a dinner with your family and relax and stuff is great. When you're on the ice, being able to play in a building that's rocking, sold out and the fans are passionate about their team - as a hockey player you always want to be in that type of market."

Here is a quote about his preference from a TSN interview, as i said his pfeernce is to play in a hockey market. Not saying he won't go elsewhere just saying thats what it is. I don't see Edm or Chitown as prefered gillis choices as Lou could directly make him look foolish. I have said it before, my wanting him at the right price has more to do with where the leafgs are now and what then can afford to give up going forward. We are not one player away, we are him plus others. That has to be kept in my mind as a leaf fan. That has nothing to do with Lou as a player. Like I said before, he won't go for as little as Leaf fans want but I also don't think he gets as much as Nucks would like, I think it will be somewhere in between. And so do many others, but in the end we will see what he gets traded for.
While this is entirely true, would you not say that one of the glaring holes in our team is goaltending? We have a chance to fix that. I truely think that alot of fans have become so used to losing that they all just assume we are set to draft top 5 again...and that is more valuable than winning. It is just as plausable that Reimer improves just enough to get us to 9th in the east. That means we draft outside of the tio 10, we have missed again and in all likelyhood the team is blown up for a total rebuild.

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