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11-13-2012, 10:59 AM
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Anybody else worried that Sheritt is on record in the papers as not knowing where he'll be playing next year?

This is not a "I want to be here" comment its a considering any and all options comment.

I'll equate this with playing with a headcoach that lost almost complete control of this dressingroom this season. A guy that couldn't even motivate his club to give even a half hearted effort in a playoff contest. A coach that has become so timid in his role he has his star linebacker stating: "I'll play when I want to, I'm not coming out of a game for anything as long as I can go". Of course its up to the coach to enact some sensibility in such situations for instance as Calgary did with Cornish in the exact same game. But instead we have Kavis, who has so little hold on the team he's by now scared to even give an on field directive.

The yelling and screaming is a mask for basic insecurity in the position and always was. People that are confident in their approach to management don't stomp their feed and yell and have tantrums. They know they can impact in meaningful and effective ways.

Anybody remember when Kavis Reed actually stated he recruited Gizmo to talk to Burnett because essentially Burnett needed to hear a message from someone else? This after Kavis Reed completely lost his cool and credibility with the player.
I wonder how many players by now in this lineup are internally shaking their heads at whats gone on.

Picture perfect illustrations being how little the players even attend to coaching instruction. To wit not knowing the plays, schemes, or who's even on the field in given situations. In response to a head coach that had repeatedly acknowledged lack of clear communication. We have a complete cluster**** here. A coach that struggles in giving direction and players who question the coaching so much that they don't receive it.

This club just isn't getting appropriate or proper direction, the players are chronically confused, and don't believe as a team they can win with this lack of direction. WE were defeated I suspect on Sunday as soon as the Argos got rolling.

The org thought the expulsion of Tillman would bring about a change in how the players approached the game, thought they'd be excited, weight off their shoulders etc. Which players brought a winning level of intensity to this playoff game? Did this look like a team that wanted to be in the playoffs or look like a team packing their bags already.

We have a desperate coach steadfastly starting "his guy" Joseph who he knows is loyal to him, because he questions how much loyalty is around him. This mirrors some of what most coaches will do when they suspect they've lost the dressingroom. Go with their guys. Even if its guys like Moreau, Staios, Horcoff.

What we have here is a group of players who by now have next to no connection with the team, org, or brand. Many of whom will be cleaning out their lockers never to return.

The real exodus is happening starting right now.

I wonder who's going to be on this squad by next season.

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