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Originally Posted by Dalton View Post

How about you explain what averaging actually means then. Further the debate.

I average by adding up all the gs in a season and dividing by the number of games played. What is my error?
Your error was not realizing the other definiton of "means".

Originally Posted by Dalton View Post
Slam dunk.

Nicely done!
The idea Czech has behind using AS for direct comparison of seasons played by multiple players is predicated on the fact that average scoring fluctuates on a yearly basis.


Joe Smith scores 20 goals every year in three consecutive years.
Bob Jones scores 25, 25, and 10 in those same years.

They have the same overall totals, and we'll assume they had the same GP.

Adjusted stats provide us insight into whether it was harder to score goals in a given season, and might highlight one or the other a truly achieving more. In this example, if the third season has a higher league GPG than the first two, there's a good chance Bob Jones ends up with more AG.

And before you begin with the "See, I told you it was flawed!" this is no different than taking three random seasons out of Gretzky's career and comparing them to three random seasons out of Jagr's.

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