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Originally Posted by Stu Macher View Post
I've only seen those three. I have a copy of Ivan's Childhood that I'd like to watch, and I missed The Sacrifice when it was watched in the Movie of the Week thread (which got revived yesterday, and as always, we'd love to have you back). I know people say Stalker is great, and its in my Netflix DVD queue.
Ivan's Childhood is great and I can't recommend Stalker enough, so be sure to post here when you get to it. The Sacrifice is good, but not on the level of the ones already mentioned.

Actually it's funny, now that I was thinking of Sculpting in Time I seem to remember Tarkovsky himself declaring Solaris a failure. He was big on transcending genres, and he felt Solaris was too "genre" to be a personal success. Would that we could have so many "failures" in the history of cinema.

I'd love to get back into the MotW club, or movie-watching in general. I've been keeping up with current releases but I've been terrible in terms of getting through my DVD and downloaded movie backlog.

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