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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
While this is entirely true, would you not say that one of the glaring holes in our team is goaltending? We have a chance to fix that. I truely think that alot of fans have become so used to losing that they all just assume we are set to draft top 5 again...and that is more valuable than winning. It is just as plausable that Reimer improves just enough to get us to 9th in the east. That means we draft outside of the tio 10, we have missed again and in all likelyhood the team is blown up for a total rebuild.
Oh, I think we could use a goaltending upgrade, but i also don't think Reimer is a total sieve. His numbers before injury were better than average, but he struggled upon his return. Though I think Wilson handled the situation poorly. He was thrown back as soon as cleared, he should have practised for a bit, IMHO. Do I want another bluechip prospect(and yes I think Rielly is one) preferably a centre, yes. Do I wanna win yes, but I am not willing to sell the farm for Lou, we are not over all good or deep enough for that. If he was the final piece great, but odds are we aren't hitting the UFA grand slam, nor should a team be counted on to be built that way. We arte basically in a full blown rebuild, IMO, whether it is admitted or not. I h=guess after this long drawn out reply i am saying before the farm is sold, I would rather let the cards fall where they may. I mean look at Ott. last year, nobody can say they saw that coming, and Anderson is not a top ten starter. If we finish outside of the top ten, because of improved team, defensive and goaltender play, great. but if we trade the farm for Lou and finish 11th because one player allowed us to that is not getting better, it doesn't take us closer to the end goal, imo. I could be wrong and am several times a day, lol. it is just the way I see it. But i do respect what you are saying, even if it doesn't seem that way.

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