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11-13-2012, 11:40 AM
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Through this entire mess, one question remains unanswered in my mind.

Exactly from where do the current supporters of the Yotes expect new fans to be recruited?

The status of people prevented from actively supporting the team due to Jobing's location isn't changing.

The current fanbase isn't generating anywhere near the necessary revenue(as in a $25 million shortfall, or so, annually).

Won't anybody outside those 2 groups(and who would appear to be the ONLY potential source of new support) be permanently turned off from EVER becoming Yotes supporters by the team's neverending plea for tax revenue subsidy?

i.e. Does the NHL, Greg Jamison, Joyce Clarke et al imagine Glendale citizens saying:
"I'm REALLY upset that firemen, policemen and other public services have to compete with subsidizing an NHL team for our tax dollars; but HEY!, what the hell, let's buy a ticket and catch a hockey game at the Job?"

A lame duck Glendale city council ramming through an AMF as it's on the way out the door will only turnoff any potential unrecruited NHL fans even more convincingly.

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