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11-13-2012, 11:48 AM
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I am guessing they made the Nexus line to see if it would sell, and next year they'll introduce more price points.

It would make sense to have:

$50 - toy fiberglass stick with a nice paint job (Nexus 400/One.4/X2.0)
$100 - glass/carbon stick, decent but heavy with a meh blade (Nexus 600/One.6/X4.0)
$175 - carbon/glass stick, lighter, nicer blade (Nexus 800/One.8/X6.0)
$250 - full carbon stick, true one-piece, top blade (Nexus 1000/Total One/APX)

If they want to make more price points, that's fine. I won't touch a stick under $100 and the Nexus 600 will be a backup to whatever quality stick I have. I also won't touch a stick over $200 and pretty much only buy clearance sticks for under $125.

I'd disagree the 600 is a good intermediate stick. It's fine for the price point, maybe the best at that level...but there's a $140 gap between the 600 and 1000, which is more than the 600 price! Even the numbering suggests there might have been an 800 at some point that got nixed.

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