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This tournament will be big if the best teams from Europe participate. But it will be much larger if the NHL participated. It hardly matters what NHL teams but I would say 2 USA and 2 Canadian. Global popularity would increase as your watching lets say Montreal, Toronto, Detroit and New York.

Now for some fans in Russia which there team will not be participating in this tournament will be more hopeful to watch because maybe Datsyuk will participate. Fans in Sweden Froulnda Sweden may not care about this tournament so much, unless they find out guys like Zetterberg, Lundqvist and maybe future NHL prospects are involved. Basically global popularity will increase by having the NHL involved. More sponsors, more investors, more views.

How do you get the NHL involved. Promote the tournament in North America. Allow the NHL rinks to host the tournament and fill seats. NHL season tickets are expensive, but a tournament like this can be sold with cheap tickets promoting hockey for all. Tourism in North America would increase. Allow host cities and rinks to get a share of the revenue. So there making money off this... thats how you get the owners involved.

Not all NHL players will be likely to play in this tournament but promote prize money and some will join. 3rd and 4th liners will use this too get more $$ in a tournament they feel they can win but also use the time to show the coaches what they can do with more playing time and more responsibility or just plain out practice. Because theirs prize money they will be inclined to try harder. This gives time to see what prospects, rookies are made up of. Guys like Wade Redden who are prob bored in the AHL could get their time to don a NHL jersey one more time without having to reject their current contract in making overpriced millions and the organization will not care to play them because their experienced and theirs no salary cap.

NHL owners are losing $$$ for the first quarter and then some during the NHL season. Many fans do not care about an 82 game season. Cut the NHL season to around 66 games and promote by weeks which in this time can be used for international play like this tournament. Or to allow Russians to go play for their country in tournaments. And give guys rest when needed.

European teams want a champions league but they cant get investors yet. So influence the NHL to join in on the fun.

Allow them to choose what 4 teams will be involved but with guidelines. 1 of the 4 teams must be a playoff team at least. 2 canadian, 2 american. Tell them they can host up to 70% of the tournament games and sell tickets with a shared revenue. They can host up to 90% of the games they play with at least 1 or 2 games they fly over in Europe to promote hockey. Tell them theirs prize money for the teams that win it and for the players involved.

Tell them they can host the championship game even if they are not in it. Tell them if they are in the final 4, they will host it. They can host every knockout stage game they are playing in. Shared revenue but they get the majority

New York Rangers...
Dolan can use this to promote cheaper tickets to allow people who usually cant afford watching Ranger games to come on down. Cheap tickets will sell especially in New York. So long as its the NEW YORK RANGERS jersey they are wearing.

It is not the players we watch, we watch the team...

But I can see Marty Biron taking starting role in this to get more time during the season to play
I can see guys like Boyle, Hailey, Asham and other 3rd and 4th line fan favs taking this time to practice their skill and play in a better role
I can see maybe Lundqvist playing one game. I can see Hagelin taking the time to play some
I can see Kreider wanting to do this to show coaches what he can do on a bigger stage consistantly. Same goes fro all our prospects
I can see some ECHL guys playing

I want to see more of the Rangers use their entire roster for the NHl and this tournament

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