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11-13-2012, 11:56 AM
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Kavis Reed is a good preacher, I think that should be his next job.

As for football sense, I've come to the conclusion he has none. I don't want guys leaving and if the CEO had any brains, he'd be calling the cornerstones of this franchise in and find out what really happened in that dressing room.

I am afraid that this season is definitely going to decide the fate of this organization for a long time.

Kavis is unwilling to admit his part in the gong show and when that happens, you arei in big trouble.

Why is it that we, as Edmonton fans, have to put up with such BS year in and year out. How can two franchises that were once so great become what we have become. I was embarrassed as an Eskimo fan this season and that disgusts me.

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