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11-13-2012, 12:00 PM
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Well let's see here. 57% of $3.2B is $1.8B

Loss of $400M so far leaves total revenue at $2.8B. $2.8B / $3.2B = 88% of season.

Add the raise on the top: $1.83B. Prorate by 88% = $1.6B = 51% of $3.2B

BUT (and this is a big BUT): $1.6B = 58% of ACTUAL REVENUE (which is $2.8B)

It's a percentage, so pro-rating it by the revenue lost doesn't do anything. Pro-rating 57%+1.75% of a full season still gives you 57%+1.75% of a partial season.

Again we are being distracted here by qualitative arguments like 'oh there is no way the NHLPA is demanding that' which somehow excuses the fact that the NHLPA continues to ask for a de-linked number with a guaranteed raise in a situation where their employers are asking for a cut in salaries.

Actually, continuing to ask for de-linkage to make a point would be something I would be ok with. IN JULY. It is halfway through November and you can see the dollars falling out of the hole in the player's wallets.

Fehr cannot get the NHL to 'pay for the damage to the league'. He can't get the lost salary back. There is nothing he can get back barring the sudden possession of the NHL owners by the ghost of Zeigler.

I felt bad for the player's plight before but now I am slowly warming to the idea of basking in the schadenfreude of watching them pay for letting their union fall into the clutches of bitter (fringe!) ex-players and lawyers....but evidently no economists or accountants.

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